Styles: Neo-Traditional, Esoterica, Black & Grey Realsim and Magic Tattoos 

Born and raised in Southwest Florida, I have been tattooing since 2001. I usually take on larger pieces (I normally book 3-5 hour sessions), and charge 180 an hour. I enjoy using my ability to draw, and like taking on pieces geared towards a neo-traditional style. Some examples include spooky or pretty lady’s, ornamental scroll work, ravens and crows, dark subject matter, candles, gothic work, fantasy, or anything in connection to the occult. I like to take simple ideas, and blow them up as large as possible. I use a lot of black, and my work tends to be a little darker. I also tend to keep my work illustrative (not cartoony) with aspects of realism, but will still take on black and gray/realism, if its something I’m super into. I will also tackle cover-ups if it’s part of something larger, but I’m very picky about such projects.

If you’re interested in contacting me the process is quite simple: shoot me an email at with your idea, or DM me on instagram @thedarkestseason (I usually respond faster through instagram– and make sure to follow me!) and when you’re planning on getting tattooed, including any reference photos or material you have. From there you will need to come in for a quick consultation, which I take Tuesday-Friday whenever I’m working. No appointment necessary. Just call the shop (407.898.2013) the day you’d like to come in, and verify that I will be in. Once here, we will discuss your piece, and go over ideas, and changes and take a deposit of 180, which will go towards our last hour of work. Mind you, the best time to grab me is usually from 12:30-4. 

Being an artist, I find the best tattoos that happen, are with clients that retain an open mind to the artistic process. So please, though your ideas are valuable, leave any micromanaging at home. I feel the creative process is more organic while working with the client, and will do the drawing, sometimes the day of our appointment. I know you’re excited, and want to have a drawing to sit on, but I find it a more productive process to draw more organically. I find if I over-think a project, I end up with a piece I like less. 

Thank you for your interest, and please if you have further questions, read our FAQ page. I look forward to working with any future clients.

If you are interested in seeing some of my other works (non tattoo) you can visit my personal  deviant art page here.



Those looking for something more out of a tattoo:

I am of very few who specialize in magic tattoos (sigil magic). In fact, after research, there’s really no one in the country who does magic tattoos at the seriousness and knowledge that I bring to this trade. These tattoos range from very specific purposes (protection), to complex esoteric ideas. The process is very different from the normal tattoo procedure. Please read carefully below, if you are interested.



Corium Veneficus (skin magic)

Magic, tattooing and Sigils

The art of tattooing, with the intentions of metaphysical or supernatural properties, could arguably date back to the beginning of tattooing itself. Yantra (or Sak Yant) is a form of tattooing practiced in Southeast Asian countries by Buddhists which date back 2000 years. The script spells out abbreviated syllables from Pali incantations, which protect the wearer.

Sigils are symbols used in magic. They were used in training books called grimoires, which granted the magician control over entities or abilities. In modern days, the practitioner uses the method by which the words of a statement of intent are reduced into an abstract design; the sigil is then charged with the will of the creator. Unlike traditional sigils, whose creators made use of traditional lore passed down from generations or from books, modern users often create sigils entirely themselves and devise individual means of “charging” them with metaphysical power.

Pannosignium (sigil tattoo)

For over 10 years, I have been enthralled with tattoos and the artform of tattooing, immersing myself in both the art and the craft. I have also been an adept in the occult and mystical lore for most of my mature life; especially sigil magic and mysticism. Its ideology and depiction has always captivated me. The use of magic through the drawing of pictures and designs, inscribed with powerful words which make things happen.

A marriage had to happen. Pannosignium.

My Process:

A sigil is designed with the sole intent of the client, for a purpose. This sigil is then tattooed on them, imbuing the client with the power of that sigil. It is a personal process, one that varies from client and meaning, and one that should not be taken lightly.

The meaning of the sigil and its construction is not a simple process.

It starts with trust. Trust is something that has always plagued the tattoo industry. A client will usually put faith into a tattooist, with sometimes little or no knowledge of that person’s skill. The end result will sometimes be a poorly done tattoo; one the client regrets. Another factor of trust is that the Sigil is designed with the intentions of the client, and their wishes. The Sigil is a complex diagram, sometimes with languages in Syriac (Aramaic), Enochian, Hebrew and Latin. These two things combined, make trust the first factor in Pannosignium.

Second, the client must decide what the Sigil will do. Applications can be as simple as protection, to a complex set of abilities which span multiple ideologies or events. The process is unique to the individual, and should be painstakingly thought out thoroughly. Any type of magic should not be “winged” or “thrown together”. It is a serious business, and belief in the project is important.

Belief. This is the third part of the project. Though it can be speculated that the sigil is endowed with power from its creator, belief is still a powerful concept with the carrier of the sigil. It is known and proven that belief is a power in itself, and has made many things possible for people, throughout history. It is one of the gifts that mankind has been given, and one that has taken us to where we are today. The belief in a sigil is no different.

Lastly, the sigil is created specifically for the client, and the client only. It is then tattooed on the client as part of the rite known as Corium Veneficus. The process is little different than a normal tattoo, save the energy put into the process, and small details. Regardless, you should always do your own research!

Underneath you will see a sample of what the sigils I design look like. This one (personally crafted for my brother), is a protection seal. Feel free to email me with any questions and I look forward to working with anyone interested in Pannosignium!

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