Uncle Trashcan

Styles: Black Work, Linework, Black & Grey Realism

Q&A With Uncle Trashcan


Q: Whats your instagram?

A: @Uncle_trashcan



Q: Whats your email?

A: UncleTrashcan@yahoo.com


Q: How did you get your nickname?

A:One Christmas, when my nephew, Lex, was 2 years old, I went to visit him. I was charged with the task of handling all the wrapping paper garbage. So all day everyone was crumbling up wrapping paper and throwing it to me shouting, “HEY TRASHCAN!”. My nephew just thought that was my name and starting calling me Uncle Trashcan. My family liked and and it stuck, and 9 years later and its been shortened to Trashcan. But hey it beats B.B.Head Bernard, which is what I’ve called my uncle for about 25 years.


Q: What is the best way to contact you for a consultation?

A: Best bet is to come in anytime I’m at Ascension and talk to me. I generally work Thursday-Saturday, 1-10pm or later. I am here other days as well, but Thursday-Saturday are a sure bet, unless I’m out of town, so call the shop first (407.898.2013). I am never at the shop twidding my thumbs, I’m always busy and my schedule is tight, so there isn’t a best time to come in to see me. Just give me a call and swing by. If geography is an issue, you can always call me on the shop phone when I’m in, and generally I always take calls, or feel free to email me as well at trashcantattoo@yahoo.com.


Q: If I decide to get a tattoo from you, what is the drawing fee or deposit and how can i pay?

A: I charge $100 deposit for most appointments and that comes off of the final tattoo session. If its a single session tattoo, the deposit obviously comes off of that appointment. So, a deposit of a $100 on a $300 tattoo means you pay only $200 on the day of your actual appointment. Occasionally, for very large or intricate tattoos, I do charge more for a deposit or drawing fee, but that’s very rare. With proper notice, I’ll move your appointment and deposit, but understand you’ll have to go to the back of the line, and will likely be waiting a few more months before I can fit you back in my schedule. “No call, no show” means with the forfeiture of your deposit. No exceptions. After all, that is the purpose of the deposit, so you have a little “skin in the game” as well. If you don’t call, and don’t show, it’s time I could have been working on someone else. So make sure you keep track of your appointment date, I do not call to remind you. I take deposits as cash or card, and for out of town clients, I can run cards over the phone.


Q: How do you price or charge for your tattoos?

A: I charge per piece, not hourly. I work very quickly, and find that per piece is the most fair way to charge for both of us. I often come in under the quoted price, but I never, ever go over. If you have a budget you want me to stick within, let me know. I’ll design a tattoo to be done within your budget if possible. I’m very busy because I’m fair. I’m here to make my clients happy, not milk them dry. 95% of my business is repeat clientele or referrals, so understand and appreciate that and I would never do anything to jeopardize that. If you tell me you have a budget, often times I’ll do a piece worth well more than your budget, because every piece I do is a walking, talking representation of my work and work ethic. I’m not a jerk, if you say I have $500 for this tattoo, I’m not going to say well fine $500 it is, I price the tattoo for what it’s worth. Above all, my reputation is the most valuable thing to me, not a quick buck.


Q: How far in advance must I book my tattoo?

A: I generally stay booked around 3 months in advance. For certain tattoos, I will come in on my days off, or stay after hours to do a piece on a time crunch. It’s obviously at my discretion and is usually based on many factors including but not limited to: my interest in the piece to be tattooed, if I’m just excited to do it, or if you’re a high roller and throw me a few extra clams, we could possibly arrange something as well.


Q: What styles of tattooing do you prefer?

A: Honestly it boils down to subject matter, rather than style. Take a look at my portfolio and you’ll see a common thread I’m sure. But if I were to pin myself down, I enjoy blackwork and black and grey realism the most, and absolutely love doing color neo-traditional and traditional tattoos as well. I never do color realism generally, look to Zac or Johnny for those kind of tattoos. You won’t be disappointed.



Best way to pin myself down would be to call myself a collector. A collector of skills, random knowledge, and bizarre trinkets, nick-knacks and do-dads. I pride myself on my ability to create, paint, sculpt, weld, cast and most importantly to you, I tattoo. I’ve spent more of my life devoted to crafting unique tattoos than I have anything else. I have spent nearly 15 years of my short existence devoted to a career in tattooing. I learned the craft in Frederick, Maryland, and soon moved myself back to Orlando, and found work here at Ascension Tattoo. That was 9 years ago, and although I’ve spent a lot of time traveling and devoted to the few shops I’ve owned myself along the way, I’ve always maintained somewhat of a presence here at Ascension, and I’m glad to be back yet again…. and this time, for good.

Tattooing itself has always had a magnetic attraction to me, growing up an angry poor punk rocker, it afforded me the ability to remain a nonconformist and not pay a dime to the crook named Uncle Sam! Well, that was a long time ago, and tattooing has changed and I have changed. I got forced to pay taxes, I cut my Mohawk off (well, now it’s back, but tucked under my hat most days) and hate the world a lot less nowadays. It seems the tattoo world has changed it’s shape in front of my eyes in a way I didn’t in a million years foresee. No longer the underground world of bikers, outlaws and general riff-raff I thought it would always be, tattooing took a turn and become an outlet for a broader spectrum of clientele, from doctors to dog walkers and everything in between. As tattooing grew, I also had to grow and my skills came along for the ride. I learned to tattoo in the early 2000’s and it was all outlaw biker tattoos and the occasional new school piece. Now, after all these years, I’ve learned to tattoo in all styles. I’m just as at home doing bright bubbly cartoon kitties as I am doing bold lined whip shaded traditional eagles, or even smooth black and grey portraits. Although, I still prefer doing blackwork, black and grey realism and neo-traditional tattoos the most.

I spend most of my free time with wrenches in my hands in my garage, or with a craft beer in a shady blues bar. I enjoy long walks on the beach and spending time with my rescue Chihuahuas, Sweet Baby Jesus and Down Town Doo-doo Brown.

Live, laugh, destroy.

To contact, you can Email him at: UncleTrashcan@yahoo.com

Instagram: @Uncle_Trashcan

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