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Becca Microblading

Oh, hi! I’m Becca. Eyebrow Microblading Artist and Henna Tattooer.

A little about me – I paint, I sculpt and paint hair, I love to cook and create and take care of the growing family of plants in my garden. I love pop music and muscle cars and cats…

And I LOVE EYEBROWS!  I got my start in the world of cosmetology as a Make-up Artist. And day 1 of my training was eyebrows. They frame the eyes, which are the windows to your soul. Waking up with beautiful brows makes me oh, so happy and I’d love to help you get that same feeling.

If you’d like more definition to your eyebrows, a distinguished shape, and an easier time with your makeup in the morning – You’re gonna love Microblading!

Commonly Asked Microblading Questions…

What is Microblading?

Microblading is semi-permanent makeup for your eyebrows. It creates 3D hair strokes directly on the skin’s surface. Using a small hand tool, along with natural plant-based pigments, we create fuller, more natural looking brows, while complementing your features and bone structure.

Unlike an eyebrow tattoo, Microblading is semi-permanent. The plant based pigments fade over time until nothing is left.

A few things to keep in mind with Microblading…

This is a semi-permanent procedure.

2 sessions are required to get your eyebrows to a consistent, beginning level.

**The Touch Up session MUST be performed within 4-6 weeks of the 1st session.**

(Not 3 weeks, not 7 weeks, etc)

We will book your First and Touch Up session at the same time.

After your initial 2 sessions, the pigment in your eyebrows will naturally fade over the next 1-2 years.

To maintain your brows, we recommend you get your Microblading re-done within a year of your first session, and, of course, make sure you get your second session 4-6 weeks following your first session.

After 2 years without having your Microblading re-done, the procedure and pricing starts from the beginning.

Do any of these conditions apply to you?

  • Diabetic
  • Pregnant or Lactating
  • Blood Thinners
  • Cortisone
  • Steroids
  • Retin-A, Renova, or Accutane
  • Cancer, Chemo or Radiation

If so, you should consult with a physician before getting Microbladed.

Reading and Understanding all of the above information assures you will get the best results for your eyebrows! 


$375 for your First and Touch Up sessions

**The Touch Up session MUST be performed within 4-6 weeks of the 1st session.**

We will book your First and Touch Up session at the same time.

  • $50 additional to add manual shadowing, which gives the brows an even more naturally filled-in appearance, similar to what Microblading + Eyebrow shadow will look like!
  • $100 deposit is required to schedule your appointment.
  • It goes towards your total payment, and is Non-Refundable.
  • If you’d like to change your appointment date, it’s not a problem! However, we require a minimum of 48 hours notice to change your appointment date.
  • $125 for a touch up within a year of your first appointment (this is your 3rd session)
  • $250 for a touch up within 2 years of your first appointment (this is your 3rd session)

If you’d like a Consult before we make your appointment:

  • $30 per consult.. However.. If you choose to book an appointment at the time of the consult, your consult is FREE.

Please contact me with any questions!

I’m here, and happy to answer all of them.

You can reach me at