Ascension Tattoo


At Ascension Tattoo Studio, we've been setting the standard for excellence in Orlando's tattoo scene since 2005. Awarded the title of the Best Tattoo Shop by Orlando Weekly for 12 consecutive years and by Orlando Sentinel for 5 years, we're more than just a tattoo shop; we take pride in being a fully custom tattoo studio where all pieces of tattoo art are designed specifically for each client.
"As Within, So Without" - For over 10,000 years, Tattooing has been a way of making the invisible visible, expressing deeper parts of one's self and how we choose to identify and present these truths to the world. Whether you're in the mood for a simple tattoo design that captures humor and style, a memorial tattoo that pays tribute to cherished memories and lost loved ones, or you're ready for a visual transformation, our tattoo studio is here to guide your journey. Tattooing is a sacred art that has the power to change us profoundly, marking moments and meanings on our skin forever. Under the expert guidance of one of Orlando's finest tattoo artists, your vision can become an empowering and totemic masterpiece.
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