Ant Iannucci

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    Ant Iannucci

    Styles: Illustrative Realism, Nu-Eastern, Techno-organic

    My name is Ant Iannucci and I am a New York native, born and raised on Long Island.  I have been a Tattoo Artist since 1995 and a tattoo studio owner since 1998.

    I take great pride in my work and love what I do. It is continually an honor to have patrons trust in me and my abilities to customize and perhaps bring aspects of their inner self to the surface for all the world to see for the rest of their lives. The style of tattooing I enjoy most runs the gamut from Full Color to Black & Gray; Techno-Organics and Bio-mechanical, Space and Cosmic art, and Spiritual Themes of all kinds.  I understand the importance of translating your ideas into stunning, one of a kind designs. With a passion for cosmic wonders, cyber sci-fi mechanics, and the wisdom of ancient traditions, I will do my best to skillfully bring your imagination to life on your skin.  Finding a tattoo artist who specializes in these particular styles can be challenging, but I an here to solve that problem for you.  We take pride in providing a welcoming environment where creativity flourishes and every patron receives the attention and care they deserve.  I invite you to explore my portfolio of past works and decide if I am the artist for you.  I personally do not do cover-ups, touch-ups of other peoples work or finishing other peoples work except for some special circumstances such as the cover-up tattoo being something very faint and small. Many of the other Ascension Artists will be willing to work with you on this type of work and many specialize in it.

    Please review the extensive F.A.Q. page so that any questions you may have will hopefully be answered before you come in or contact us.

    Getting Tattooed By Me

    Returning and current (in-progress) clients and patrons take priority to any new consultations and appointments. At times I may take breaks from new consultations to focus on the projects I have before me, as to do the best possible job on said projects and clients.  If I take an interest in your Tattoo idea during these times, I can put you on my Waiting List until I am ready to take on new projects and will contact all those on the List when the timing is right for me to do so. Of course, if waiting an indeterminate amount of time for me does not fit your goals please feel free to contact any of the other Ascension Artists who very well be able to work within your desired time frame.



    I currently have a 2-tier pricing system;  A Flat rate per Session for projects Half Sleeve, Full Sleeve to Back Piece size.

    Secondly; for Smaller one-shot pieces, I charge on an hourly basis and at a minimum of $300 per piece. For more details on Session rate and Hourly rate pricing, please message me for more info.

    Additionally I charge $150 for a deposit which goes towards my time for designing the tattoo and holding your initial appointment.  If no design work needs to be done and we are just holding a date and time, then the deposit comes off the price of the first session. This deposit is non-refundable.


    Namaste’ ⊗